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Enisler Group coordinates finances, strategy, business development and human resources functions of its group companies as well as ensuring them to act in accordance with corporate culture and discipline. Enisler Group, is the management center, responsible for synergy between group companies, upholding of core values and turning created added values to new investments.


    The world we live in is in constant change. The roles of companies and their responsibilities are changing the world as well. Profiting is not solely sufficient for companies anymore. How they make their core values live, how they undertake their responsibilities are being watched by everybody with great interest. Enisler Group, is brought to life because of this necessity, in order to create synergy between group companies, upholding of core values and turning created added values to new investments.


    Our Vision

    Our main goal in Enisler Group is to achieve unconditional customer satisfaction in every field we operate. Thus, Enisler Group constantly works to improve itself and its employees in order to provide contemporary quality and service standards to its customers.

    Our Mission

    The core mission of Enisler Group is to successfully manage a portfolio that will create value for business partners and country by constantly investing into sectors that are competitive with a sustainable growth potential.

    Our Core Values

    • Our customers are our priority
      Our first priority is to create added value for our customers and reply their demands with the same high quality each and everytime.
    • We always work to be the best
      We strive to be the best in every area we serve. To achieve this goal, we improve ourselves constantly and increase the benchmark by always working with professionals.
    • Our biggest wealth is our human resources
      We believe high quality service can only be given by high quality employees. To be able to have the best trained and experienced personnel, Enisler Group constantly invests into development of its work environment. Our priority is to give our employees all opportunities and support to improve themselves.

    Quality Management System of Enisler Group is constructed with minimum bureaucracy and documentation requirements, in order to take the right decisions, as fast as possible and bring them to life posthaste, a vital requirement in contemporary corporations. This management method is built on project based and process-driven management principles that are detailed below, and is successfully integrated into Enisler Group's Quality Management System.

    • To correctly identify our customer's requirements now and in the future. To make an effort to meet those demands and requirements flawlessly and well beyond customer's expectations.
    • To create, protect and improve the work environment which every employee can participate in order to reach the common goals of Enisler Group as a team.
    • To correctly channel employees talents in order to improve Enisler Group's service quality, without forgetting our employees are the core of Enisler Group.
    • To manage sources and actions as a single process to reach the goals effectively
    • To group related processes and define, understand and manage them as systems that contribute to Enisler Group's overall effectiveness and productivity
    • To define constant improvement of Enisler Group's general performance as an organizational goal.
    • To use up-to-date and verified data and analysis in every decision making process.
    • To create shared values by establishing mutually beneficial relations with our suppliers and business partners.

    Our first and the most important principle are to act honorably and fair in all business relations. Enisler Group always acts honorably and fair to its business partners and employees equally.

    Every decision Enisler Group takes should be in accordance with our corporate vision, mission and values which form the core of our corporate culture. We always work to add value to the societies we are associated with.

    Enisler Group always ensures that its or its employees' decisions shall not harm the nvironment or jeopardize the health and safety of the living and shall not create a conflict of interest. In order to obtain the necessary supervision, Enisler Group always keeps its Corporate Quality; Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) and Human Resources (HR) departments active and in the center of all decisions taking processes.

    In addition to our legal obligations, we always act aware of the responsibilities we have against the society and humanity.

    Our managers act in accordance with Enisler Group's corporate culture and values, not only

    by their words but by their actions as well, being role models for the society they live together in.

    All of the operational rules are created, considering the improvement of our employees' work quality and standards and give employees the highest support to implement our vision and values to daily life.

    We ensure in every step that our business partners are also working in accordance with Enisler Group's values or values that are equivalent and not contradicting.

    We compete with our rivals effectively but ethically and within confinements of laws. We always stay away from unjust of dishonest competition.


    Muhammed Talha Enis

    Board of Directors - Enisler Group

    Muhammed Talha Enis, is the founder of Enisler Group in 2011 and is currently the chairman of the executive board of Enisler Group.

    Born in 1986, he had his engineering degree from the University of Wales, the UK in 2011.

    During his education in the UK, he also took part in projects at family company to complete his theoretical experience with actual field work. Right after graduation, he founded Enisler Group Being conscious of his responsibilities towards the society, he takes part in numerous volunteer and non-profit organisations.

    He is married and proud father of two children.




    We are a dynamic company that continuously follows and investigates the latest developments and market changes in order to offer you the most suitable products and options. Our company has sufficient experience, international connections and local knowledge to find the right manufacturer at the right price level.

    MTE Yapı

    MTE Yapı entered the construction sector in 2010, in order to pass the 35 years of experience of family to the second generation, in order to unite architectural beauty of the old with contemporary architecture, to bring concept projects to life and create a new momentum in construction sector.

    Prekast Beton

    Enisler Group company, Prekast Beton San. ve Tic. A.Ş. operates in the field of manufacturing prefabricated concrete elements. With the sectoral know-how and experience, the company manufactures up to 50.000m³ prefabricated concrete elements in facilities at Muratlı, Tekirdağ

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