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Our first and the most important principle are to act honorably and fair in all business relations. Enisler Group always acts honorably and fair to its business partners and employees equally.

Every decision Enisler Group takes should be in accordance with our corporate vision, mission and values which form the core of our corporate culture. We always work to add value to the societies we are associated with.

Enisler Group always ensures that its or its employees' decisions shall not harm the nvironment or jeopardize the health and safety of the living and shall not create a conflict of interest. In order to obtain the necessary supervision, Enisler Group always keeps its Corporate Quality; Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) and Human Resources (HR) departments active and in the center of all decisions taking processes.

In addition to our legal obligations, we always act aware of the responsibilities we have against the society and humanity.

Our managers act in accordance with Enisler Group's corporate culture and values, not only

by their words but by their actions as well, being role models for the society they live together in.

All of the operational rules are created, considering the improvement of our employees' work quality and standards and give employees the highest support to implement our vision and values to daily life.

We ensure in every step that our business partners are also working in accordance with Enisler Group's values or values that are equivalent and not contradicting.

We compete with our rivals effectively but ethically and within confinements of laws. We always stay away from unjust of dishonest competition.

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